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When my kids were small, I bought them gym shoes that had velcro closures.  I never thought about getting shoes for myself that had velcro on them. Thought that before they learned to tie their own shoes, this was a wonderful invention.  I would have never thought in a million years that I’d buy a pair of shoes that had a velcro closure.  Well, not only did I buy a pair, they are the cutest pair of shoes ever!  I must admit that while I own loads of shoes, very few of them are wedges and none of them have velcro anywhere!

I purchased these cuties at a store called PH8, and while the name annoys me, the clothes and the shoes are nice.  Once upon a time this was Bebe Sport but now they are “sporting” a new name that to me is a lazy way of spelling Fate but the fashions are anything but lazy.  Much of what they offer caters to looking great while you get your workout on but they also have items that are geared toward the night life.  The shoe selection in my local area was slim but what they had to offer was definitely worth looking at and obviously even buying.  I will never look at velcro quite the same and these cuties are quite comfy too!

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