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I did a post a short while ago on my quest for a hat for the Kentucky Derby.  I got a few great suggestions via Twitter, Facebook and my blog.  Thanks to everyone that helped out.  My girlfriend who lives in Las Vegas has some friends that are showgirls and she told me, “I’ve found the perfect hat for you!”.  I was excited, she described it and then told me our only issue was transporting it.  Well, it’s a hat so my response was “put it in a hat box”.  Apparently, I don’t know diddly about a showgirl hat.  This hat is too big for a hat box.  My next thought was me running around with a 30 pound hat with a brim that has the circumference of the rings of Saturn.  What kind of “hat” can’t be transported in a hat box.

I decided that whatever this “hat” looked like, it was going to be over the top and I wanted no part of it.  I trust this friend, she has impeccable taste and now I find myself doubting her sense of style.  As I said earlier, I was sent various responses on my quest for the perfect hat.  Well after seeing these photos, I decided that 30 pound hat might be just what the doctor ordered.  Hmmm?  🙂  Kentucky Derby, here comes Kellie in her rings of Saturn!


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