A Personal Note

I love shoes!  I think I profess that every time I write a blog post.  I love fashion and looking good.  I want to think that each time I share with you, I have something of value to add.  Well, believe it or not, there are times (more often than not) that I have no idea what to write.  I have tried to write about designers, new trends and shoes that I think you might enjoy reading about.  I’ve decided to apologize for that.  Why you ask?  While I love my subject matter, I am not writing from my heart and that keeps me from updating frequently.

I am the single mother of 2, I run a business (unrelated to shoes & fashion) and I have a part time job.  This does not always leave a lot of room to find something “new” to share.  I own well over 200 pairs of shoes, I have a passion or maybe it’s an obsession with shoes.  I can talk about shoes but I must confess, not all of my shoes are designer shoes.  I tell people, I will buy shoes from anywhere at any price point.  I have flip flops that I paid a $1 for as well as a few pricey pairs of shoes.  I am the same way about clothes & purses.  It is my goal from this moment forward to write from my heart, to share my shoes & my passion for my own brand of fashion (which is NOT about what the celebrities are wearing)  and along the way, hopefully offer you some information that you may find helpful as well.

I wish you much success and I hope that this blog will become a little more interesting.  All the best.


You know it figures that I would find a way to get shoes without a ton of effort.  Well, recently, I have come across a site that will send you shoes picked by expert designers based on answers you provide.  The designers pick 5 pair a month to present to you and then you decide which pair, if any you want.

The head designer is Kim Kardashian.  I’m not one for celebrity fashion trends but I love shoes and if I can sign up and get a pair a month for a low fee, then I say, let’s get some shoes!

The other wonderful thing about Shoedazzle that makes it different from other monthly clubs is, first when you get your initial selection, if you don’t choose a pair of shoes, you aren’t billed.  Secondly, once you pick a pair, you are billed each month unless within the first 5 days of them sending you the selections, you can choose to pass for the month and not be billed.

I joined the book of the month club and no matter what, I get a bill each month.  I like the shoe club better by the way.  Go figure!  The choices I got this month included both heels and flats.  I can honestly say that I liked at least 3 out of the 5 selections that were sent to me.  In a case like that, you are not limited to just the one pair, just know that each pair is going to cost you the $39.95 fee.

The shipping is free so that at least makes it worth it knowing that these shoes are not going to be found at the local mall so you won’t see yourself coming & going.  To me, that alone makes the $39.95 worth it.

Platforms, booties, pumps & flats that are trendy, cute and reasonably priced.  I love it!  Check them out, what have you got to lose?  This is MY version of those dating sites that find your perfect mate.  🙂  Happy Shopping!

As the Christmas Season approaches (yes, I said Christmas) we start trying to figure out what gifts we are going to give our loved ones. How often do you think about the gift you’re going to give yourself? I love me enough to think I’m worth a great gift as well. I also start thinking about the coming year and this year as I sat contemplating the meaning of life and what resolutions I needed to make in order to break, I thought about my “wrapping”. After all, I am obviously all about the clothes, shoes, hair and purses right?

As I stroll patiently through the mall this season, I have been observing what people are “wrapped” in and what it says to me. No, I’m not judging per se but think about it, a first impression is quite lasting. Now mind you, when I go to the mall, I’m usually sporting my jeans, some gym shoes & my hair is pulled back in a ponytail so I’m not looking like a fashionista so trust me I’m not judging, just observing. I think as you move into the new year, you should ask yourself however, what image are you working to convey and whether you’re casual or formal, keep your ideal image in mind. Just because we are talking about the outward appearance does not mean you have to spend and arm & a leg to get the look you’re going for. I love a great designer bag but I will admit, they don’t all come from the Coach store (my designer of choice). Ebay is a great place to get a beautiful bag and at a better price than in the store. BE CAREFUL! I can’t say this enough when you’re talking about buying on any auction site though. The Purse Forum is a wonderful place to have your potential purchase authenticated. Ask your seller to send you as many pictures as possible. There are many other designer bags to be found on Ebay as well and again, TPF will not only authenticate purses, they will also do shoes.

Speaking of shoes, check out Like, if you’re into designer shoes, they will show you not only where to find them but if you can’t afford them, they’ll find you a pair that are similar to the ones you want but obviously at a more affordable price. I found a hot pair of Givenchy boots for a cool $1,150 but found a reasonable substitute for $83 by Carlos Santana (great music, cute boot). I really like this site (no pun intended) because they offer every designer as well as the lower priced items offered by the not so household names but still great looking shoes.

Now that we have our purses & shoes, lets talk about our clothing. Gosh, as women, there is no easy way to tell you where to get a great deal on clothes because they’re everywhere! I have over this past year discovered some really cute jeans (I love jeans! Gym shoes or pumps, dress them up or down) Most of us are familiar with True Religion but what about Miss Me Jeans? Want something even more affordable, try Wet Seal jeans, don’t knock ’em. I had a pair of Baby Phat jeans that wore out long before my Wet Seal jeans that I bought the same day!

Lastly but most importantly is the hair. Ok, those of you that have that long, luxurious, flowing hair that you just love, I’m not talking to you. Those of you that are more like me in that you get bored easily with the texture or the color, I’m talking to you. Extensions are out there in all kinds of variations, lengths and colors. I highly recommend seeing a professional to make sure you end up looking fabulous. Another option is a lace wig. You can custom order these in the exact color, length and texture and because of the lace base, the hair looks as though it is growing from your very own scalp. There was a time that these were reserved for celebrity status because of the cost restrictions but of course, as with all great fashion, it eventually becomes more affordable. If you want the absolute best hair on the thinnest swiss lace, you’re still going to pay a pretty penny (and trust me, it’s well worth it) but if you only want to be blonde for a week, I’d go synthetic. This isn’t your grandmothers wig that’s for sure! The materials used not only look like human hair but because it’s synthetic you don’t have to worry about losing the style you purchased. They last quite a while too so when you get the urge to be blonde again, just shampoo and shake and voila, you’re back. It is my hope that you will have a joyous season & do yourself a favor and wrap yourself in something beautiful.

Poppy Holidays

A trip to the mall is almost a certain cure for writers block.  I took a tour through all of my favorite stores, Neiman Marcus, Coach & of course I had to go to ALL of the shoe stores.

Everyone has all of their holiday fare out for the shoppers during the season and all I could think about was, oooh, I can blog about this and that and this….you get the point.  Next to shoes, purses are my passion.  My designer bag of choice is Coach, I’ve carried them since I was a teenager & I have 7 new ones just this year alone.  I have a leather bag that is literally 19 years old and I love it today just as much as when I bought it all those years ago.  Today I saw what I feel is the perfect holiday bag.  It shimmers and glimmers and it would match that 5 carat diamond ring I visited at Tiffany and would look fabulous even after the holidays.  It’s the Coach Sequin Pouch!   Coach also has a larger version of this bag and it comes in various colors.  I really liked the silver partially because of the way it picks up the light and I have visions of it matching the sparkles of that diamond that I know is in my future, it may be a distant future but it could happen.  🙂  I’m sure I’ll have this bag before the diamond but you won’t be able to say I am not prepared to look fabulous!  Have a wonderful holiday season all.

A Fashionable Fighter

rareninjaI love unique and interesting fashion. That is why when I learned about fabric paint, a pair of jeans and a bad ass fighter, I was intrigued. Caroline Portugal has been altering her clothes since the age of 12. At the time, she would get into a ton of trouble but her artistic vision has paid off.

Caroline offers a unique vision to what could be just a plain pair of jeans or any other type of fabric that needs a kick! Speaking of kicks, Caroline may be one of the toughest artists in the area, she is currently training for her Pro debut as an MMA fighter.

They say good things come in small packages and this petite package has some special and unique offerings that you will happy to know delivers.  If you want a fashion conversation starter, I would advise checking her out at RareNinja.com where you can see some of her designs and commission her to help you bring your vision to life as well. Caroline will paint on more than just your jeans, this talented artist will paint on just about anything, metal, glass, bras, chair coverings, you name it, she’ll paint on it.

Caroline is a true powerhouse and believes in helping women to become empowered. She is a fighter, a fitness competitor, a fashion designer and an instructor. In addition to her flare for fashion, she teaches womens self defense classes. She has a plan to fuse empowered fashion for females and promote self-empowering defense for battered women and victims of rape.   Caroline is more than just a fashionable fighter, she is also a fighter with passion for empowering women & what’s not to love in that?  Go see her…or else!  Kidding, but you really should go check her out, you won’t be disappointed.

What Are YOU Thinking?

Photo courtesy of FreeDigitalPhotos.net

Photo courtesy of FreeDigitalPhotos.net

I am not usually critical in my posts but today I had a fashion foul overload. Ok, I get that sometimes we have those moments when the muffin top takes over. You’re sporting those cute, tight jeans and it shows up. Man, gotta hate it when that happens.

You put on that top with the racer back and the bra straps show up. This I don’t understand, they make bras with racer backs and they now even have a new gadget that will pull those straps together & lift your girls. So there is no excuse for having those bra straps staring at me.

You decide, “Hey, the weather is nice (yes, even though it’s October, it’s still great summer weather in Florida), I’m going to wear a midriff”. This is great if you DON’T have a muffin top. You have a cute little tiny waist and to see your tummy is attractive. When you’re wearing a midriff & your gut is spilling over the sides and out the front of those too tight jeans AND the bra straps are showing, that’s just wrong. I wish I could just whip out the camera and take pictures of these fashion fouls but I would have to get permission and quite frankly, I would rather not.

I have one question when you are committing all of these fashion fouls at the same time, that question is, What the hell is wrong with you? Perhaps the question could also be “What are you thinking?” I always find myself asking what people learned was a good look. I just wonder if the mirror lies or are they lying to themselves when they leave the house. Please people, get a magazine, a mirror, a clue!

Celebrity Style

Photo Courtesy of © Madartists | Dreamstime.com

Photo Courtesy of © Madartists | Dreamstime.com

It is no secret if you have read any of my articles, that I am addicted to shoes. I love shoes! Even when I have no intention of buying a pair, I go into stores and try them on. I don’t need to be coaxed into buying a pair that I think will be a great addition to my collection of well over 200 pair. Recently, I went into a store & realized the pair of shoes I wanted to see were not available in my size. The sales girl promptly told me she could have my size mailed to me and that they would look great on me and that a particular celebrity was seen wearing them so they were very popular and everyone wanted them. This little tidbit of information was a total turn off to me.

I started to wonder how many people make their fashion decisions based on what celebrities are wearing. I apparently have way too much self esteem to copy someone elses style, especially someone that clearly has tons more capital for buying expensive items than I do. While I understand that anything purchased at a retail store is going to have duplicates, I do not purchase them with the intent of duplicating someone else’s look. Originality has always been important to me. It is what sets the fashion trendsetters apart from the fashion wannabees in my opinion. I said all of that to say this, you are unique and your style should be uniquely you. Be the trendsetter and dress in fashion that YOU find appealing, not what the celebrity of the day found appealing and was able to pay thousands of dollars to have their stylists put together.