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I did a post a short while ago on my quest for a hat for the Kentucky Derby.  I got a few great suggestions via Twitter, Facebook and my blog.  Thanks to everyone that helped out.  My girlfriend who lives in Las Vegas has some friends that are showgirls and she told me, “I’ve found the perfect hat for you!”.  I was excited, she described it and then told me our only issue was transporting it.  Well, it’s a hat so my response was “put it in a hat box”.  Apparently, I don’t know diddly about a showgirl hat.  This hat is too big for a hat box.  My next thought was me running around with a 30 pound hat with a brim that has the circumference of the rings of Saturn.  What kind of “hat” can’t be transported in a hat box.

I decided that whatever this “hat” looked like, it was going to be over the top and I wanted no part of it.  I trust this friend, she has impeccable taste and now I find myself doubting her sense of style.  As I said earlier, I was sent various responses on my quest for the perfect hat.  Well after seeing these photos, I decided that 30 pound hat might be just what the doctor ordered.  Hmmm?  🙂  Kentucky Derby, here comes Kellie in her rings of Saturn!


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A Personal Note

I love shoes!  I think I profess that every time I write a blog post.  I love fashion and looking good.  I want to think that each time I share with you, I have something of value to add.  Well, believe it or not, there are times (more often than not) that I have no idea what to write.  I have tried to write about designers, new trends and shoes that I think you might enjoy reading about.  I’ve decided to apologize for that.  Why you ask?  While I love my subject matter, I am not writing from my heart and that keeps me from updating frequently.

I am the single mother of 2, I run a business (unrelated to shoes & fashion) and I have a part time job.  This does not always leave a lot of room to find something “new” to share.  I own well over 200 pairs of shoes, I have a passion or maybe it’s an obsession with shoes.  I can talk about shoes but I must confess, not all of my shoes are designer shoes.  I tell people, I will buy shoes from anywhere at any price point.  I have flip flops that I paid a $1 for as well as a few pricey pairs of shoes.  I am the same way about clothes & purses.  It is my goal from this moment forward to write from my heart, to share my shoes & my passion for my own brand of fashion (which is NOT about what the celebrities are wearing)  and along the way, hopefully offer you some information that you may find helpful as well.

I wish you much success and I hope that this blog will become a little more interesting.  All the best.

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You know it figures that I would find a way to get shoes without a ton of effort.  Well, recently, I have come across a site that will send you shoes picked by expert designers based on answers you provide.  The designers pick 5 pair a month to present to you and then you decide which pair, if any you want.

The head designer is Kim Kardashian.  I’m not one for celebrity fashion trends but I love shoes and if I can sign up and get a pair a month for a low fee, then I say, let’s get some shoes!

The other wonderful thing about Shoedazzle that makes it different from other monthly clubs is, first when you get your initial selection, if you don’t choose a pair of shoes, you aren’t billed.  Secondly, once you pick a pair, you are billed each month unless within the first 5 days of them sending you the selections, you can choose to pass for the month and not be billed.

I joined the book of the month club and no matter what, I get a bill each month.  I like the shoe club better by the way.  Go figure!  The choices I got this month included both heels and flats.  I can honestly say that I liked at least 3 out of the 5 selections that were sent to me.  In a case like that, you are not limited to just the one pair, just know that each pair is going to cost you the $39.95 fee.

The shipping is free so that at least makes it worth it knowing that these shoes are not going to be found at the local mall so you won’t see yourself coming & going.  To me, that alone makes the $39.95 worth it.

Platforms, booties, pumps & flats that are trendy, cute and reasonably priced.  I love it!  Check them out, what have you got to lose?  This is MY version of those dating sites that find your perfect mate.  🙂  Happy Shopping!

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rareninjaI love unique and interesting fashion. That is why when I learned about fabric paint, a pair of jeans and a bad ass fighter, I was intrigued. Caroline Portugal has been altering her clothes since the age of 12. At the time, she would get into a ton of trouble but her artistic vision has paid off.

Caroline offers a unique vision to what could be just a plain pair of jeans or any other type of fabric that needs a kick! Speaking of kicks, Caroline may be one of the toughest artists in the area, she is currently training for her Pro debut as an MMA fighter.

They say good things come in small packages and this petite package has some special and unique offerings that you will happy to know delivers.  If you want a fashion conversation starter, I would advise checking her out at RareNinja.com where you can see some of her designs and commission her to help you bring your vision to life as well. Caroline will paint on more than just your jeans, this talented artist will paint on just about anything, metal, glass, bras, chair coverings, you name it, she’ll paint on it.

Caroline is a true powerhouse and believes in helping women to become empowered. She is a fighter, a fitness competitor, a fashion designer and an instructor. In addition to her flare for fashion, she teaches womens self defense classes. She has a plan to fuse empowered fashion for females and promote self-empowering defense for battered women and victims of rape.   Caroline is more than just a fashionable fighter, she is also a fighter with passion for empowering women & what’s not to love in that?  Go see her…or else!  Kidding, but you really should go check her out, you won’t be disappointed.

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I went today just casually walking through one of our local malls and came across the cutest bags! I am typically all about a Coach bag and here recently, I’ve ventured out to learn about other designer purses. This bag, I wouldn’t imagine would qualify as a “designer” bag yet the quality was impeccable. The fact that you can personalize it makes it even better than a designer bag.

brighton bagThe bags are made with high quality leather and you can literally have a picture placed on the bag.

Like many of the recognizable designer bags most of us know as household names, the Brighton bag has a guarantee. In fact, the guarantee on these bags is even better than some of those bags we all adore. Brighton offers a 2 year warranty on their bags. The warranty covers against workmanship & structure defects. I went through several of the bags and they have hand stitching and offer great, classic designs. If you get the opportunity, visit them on the web and even better, vist them in person. You won’t be disappointed.

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Everyone is talking about saving the Earth these days. You can’t turn on the TV or the radio and not hear someone mention a way to be friendly to the big blue marble. In the mainstream are hybrid cars, rebates for making your home more energy efficient and many more. Well Fashion is not one to be left behind, that’s for certain. When you think of eco-friendly fashion, many of us start thinking of repurposed burlap sacks. (So not pretty) However, there are some fashion designers that really know how to do green and some that should leave being green to Kermit!

If you have read any of my other posts, then you know I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE shoes! When I think of an eco-friendly shoe, I certainly don’t think of anything that looks stylish. Somehow Elizabeth Olsen (no she is not an Olsen sister) has managed to create a shoe that I’d love putting my foot into and I would feel that by purchasing a pair, I would be doing my part to help the environment.

Not only does she offer a great look but she educates you about what it takes to create various types of shoes using animals (this is not for the squeamish by the way). If going green means I have to wear shoes that look like this, then sign me up!

Speaking of repurposed burlap sacks, just because you put a well known designer name on it, doesn’t make it something you should spend your money on. As is the case with this disaster. Miu Miu has created a “hell no” with a pleated burlap bag that looks as if a child drew on it. They could have been passing this one out for free and I would have gotten out of line.

While many of us look for a big name on what we feel is fashion forward, if you are looking for earth friendly fashion, perhaps there is no greater collection of companies that cater to the tree hugger in you more than Greenloop. They offer a large group of designers that design using methods that are not harmful to mother earth. Needless to say, eco friendly designers are not going anywhere anytime soon, I would venture to say that many of these designers will make their marks because of their commitment to providing quality while preserving our land.

Happy Shopping!

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Coach Signature C Tote

Coach Signature C Tote

When you start talking about designer bags, there is a hotbed of discussion on whether or not it is prudent to purchase a replica. There are many that would smack you down for ever thinking they would dare carry a replica of their favorite designer. I will admit that I have myself carried a replica…not of my favorite designer though.

There are valid points on both sides of the fence and since I’ve dwelled in both places, I will share my experience and the reasoning behind the choices I made. Coach is my designer handbag of choice, I’ve carried them since I was a teenager and I wouldn’t be caught dead with a fake Coach. Reason #1 is quality. A replica could never stand up as well as the real deal, I personally have a Coach bag that was purchased in 1990 and I still have it AND more importantly, I still carry it. Try that with a replica, 19 years!? I don’t think so! I spoke with someone just yesterday that was carrying her 20 year old bag. If your zipper breaks in your replica, who you gonna call? Better be ghostbusters because Coach won’t fix it. Which now takes me to the other side of the fence. I decided that before I would lay out the expense of a Gucci bag, I would try a replica and “see how it looks on me”. Well, I suppose I’m happy I did it that way because turns out, I’m not a Gucci girl, don’t care for all of the G’s (most of my Coaches are leather, very limited signature bags). At any rate, while I paid a lot less than I would have for an original, the quality just wasn’t up to par. The leather straps started to crack and the zipper would stick and I noticed that the scarf that came with it, only had the patterns on one side prompting me to carry the bag turned inward because the real bag has print on both sides of the scarf. Then it hit me if the look of a bag creates embarrassment then it’s not the look for me. Therefore, I’ve decided to stick to what I know and love…the REAL thing. Should I decide in the future to become a Gucci girl, I will purchase the real deal because while what the bag looks like is very important, it’s even more important to know that I didn’t waste my money on a product that won’t have a long life and will eventually have to be thrown into the trash.  In this economy, do you have money to throw away?  By the time you spend on 3 or 4 replicas, you could have purchased a real bag and all the lifetime guarantees that come with it.  How many cheap bags have you purchased that have a useful life of 19 years? Not many I’m sure. 

I am not affiliated with Coach and the opinions expressed are mine and mine only.  Kisses

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