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Hello everyone, thank you for checking me out.  I really appreciate it and look forward to all of your input.  Please note that my blog has a new home, I’m pretty excited about it.  I can be found at www.sexybagsnshoes.com.  Please stop by and tell me what you think.

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Killer Derby Hats

I did a post a short while ago on my quest for a hat for the Kentucky Derby.  I got a few great suggestions via Twitter, Facebook and my blog.  Thanks to everyone that helped out.  My girlfriend who lives in Las Vegas has some friends that are showgirls and she told me, “I’ve found the perfect hat for you!”.  I was excited, she described it and then told me our only issue was transporting it.  Well, it’s a hat so my response was “put it in a hat box”.  Apparently, I don’t know diddly about a showgirl hat.  This hat is too big for a hat box.  My next thought was me running around with a 30 pound hat with a brim that has the circumference of the rings of Saturn.  What kind of “hat” can’t be transported in a hat box.

I decided that whatever this “hat” looked like, it was going to be over the top and I wanted no part of it.  I trust this friend, she has impeccable taste and now I find myself doubting her sense of style.  As I said earlier, I was sent various responses on my quest for the perfect hat.  Well after seeing these photos, I decided that 30 pound hat might be just what the doctor ordered.  Hmmm?  🙂  Kentucky Derby, here comes Kellie in her rings of Saturn!

Platform Booties

Sometimes there is just nothing that can be said that the picture doesn’t represent.

Pelle Moda Shantel Open Toe Platform Booties…..enough said!

Sometimes it’s a duck waddle, sometimes it looks as if you have a wooden leg as you try to keep the weight off of one side and sometimes, if you’re like me, the shoes are now in your hands and you could care less that you’re dressed cute and now have no shoes on.  We’ve all seen it and we all know what it looks like when we see it on someone else.  It’s the walk that says “Damn! These shoes hurt!”

The solution is to make certain to buy shoes that fit.  I know that sounds like a silly suggestion but I’ve spent enough time in the shoe department to know that many women will buy a half size smaller or a half size larger just because they love the look of the shoe and it doesn’t come in their exact size.  Ladies, ladies, if it isn’t available in your size, it’s not meant to be.  Move on and look for something different.  If I know a pair of shoes are uncomfortable, I will wear them long enough to discover that and then they’ll end up sitting or going to charity.  You can size your own foot if you are unsure of what will fit you.  Find out how to do that here.

Many of us bought the shoes that were our size but because shoes are not made specifically for our feet, they can still get to be quite uncomfortable after extended wear.  I just recently found out that you can give your shoes a makeover, let me warn you that if you love your shoes like I do, this video shared by someone that can relate to the pain, can and will hurt your feelings before it liberates you.  😉

What if you bought the shoe in the right size and it’s still a little tight?  I’ve said it & I know you have too “wear it a few times and it’ll stretch out”.  Fess up, you know you’ve said that 😉  In the meantime, our poor little tootsies are suffering.  Well did you know they have a little device that will take your pain away and stretch those shoes out for you?  They do, they’re called…..drum roll…..wait for it……SHOE STRETCHERS!  I know, wasn’t that well worth the wait?  You can get them in varying styles and sizes too!  They offer a boot stretcher, a stretcher that will stretch your length & width and they even have a high heel stretcher.  So here’s to putting an end to the duck waddle & the next time you see a fellow shoe lover with the stiff leg, let her know, there are solutions.  Happy Shopping!

Ok, we’ve all heard of Bag, Borrow & Steal where you can rent your designer handbag but now a company in the UK has a new spin on designer shoes.  Cinderalla Me does not yet ship stateside but I’m pretty sure that with as much as us girls like our shoes, they will.  If not, I’m pretty sure that it won’t be long before we see something here very similar.

Alexander McQueen

Alexander McQueen - Tess

I love shoes and I just don’t think I’d be willing to share.  My next concern would be hygiene, they assure the customer that these shoes are safe.  They go through a regimen of UV treatment and steam cleaning.   They also offer quite a few high end designer names such as Christian Louboutin, Jimmy Choo & Gucci just to name a few.  I must say, while I know it is not in my makeup to rent a shoe, I love the concept.  Kudos to them for seeing a trend and being innovative enough to find a solution to help out those that are willing to live beyond their means, women that are so trendy that they will only wear their shoes for one season & women on a budget who would normally bypass the luxury of a designer shoe, this allows all to have a great pair of shoes, even if it’s only temporary.  Now you can look like you’ve got a great collection at a fraction of the cost.

Your thoughts…

Velcro for Big Girls

When my kids were small, I bought them gym shoes that had velcro closures.  I never thought about getting shoes for myself that had velcro on them. Thought that before they learned to tie their own shoes, this was a wonderful invention.  I would have never thought in a million years that I’d buy a pair of shoes that had a velcro closure.  Well, not only did I buy a pair, they are the cutest pair of shoes ever!  I must admit that while I own loads of shoes, very few of them are wedges and none of them have velcro anywhere!

I purchased these cuties at a store called PH8, and while the name annoys me, the clothes and the shoes are nice.  Once upon a time this was Bebe Sport but now they are “sporting” a new name that to me is a lazy way of spelling Fate but the fashions are anything but lazy.  Much of what they offer caters to looking great while you get your workout on but they also have items that are geared toward the night life.  The shoe selection in my local area was slim but what they had to offer was definitely worth looking at and obviously even buying.  I will never look at velcro quite the same and these cuties are quite comfy too!

Your thoughts…

I am excited to have been invited to the Kentucky Derby!  I’ve never gone, so I decided to do a little research.  I started looking for hats.  OMG!  Who knew they could be so expensive!  When I was growing up, my dad would tell me that I had Champagne taste on a beer budget and when I started looking at hats, I knew exactly what he meant.  Every hat I decided I loved was in excess of $500.   This beautiful hat in my favorite 2 colors is over $700.  My son asked “Why don’t you go to Walmart and just make you a hat?”  I laughed, although it is a great idea, first of all, I know NOTHING about making a great looking hat.  Secondly, wouldn’t showing up at the Derby on Millionaires Row with a Walmart hat go over about as well as a fart in a car?  While I am not willing to spend $700 on a hat that I’m pretty certain I will never wear again, I would also like to show up in a hat that looks a lot better than the one Minnie Pearl wore.  She was funny enough to pull that look off.

I ventured to Neiman Marcus, Nordstroms and Dillards this afternoon thinking I have some planning to do so lets see what they have to offer.  Who knew that even in Florida, they actually get hats specifically for the Derby and I’m about a month early.  Based on my research, you put your outfit together around the hat, I’m a bit nervous and excited about the prospect of what  these hats that will flood the Florida market will look like.  Anyone have any knowledge of where to get a great looking hat at a modest price?  When I say modest, I mean really great looking for oh, around $100.  Help!  🙂